The Sawmill Catering Company is a family owned, full service catering company that has been around as long as Wilmington’s popular Sawmill Restaurants. Serving up delicious food at elegant wedding receptions and backyard family reunions, the chefs and staff at Sawmill Catering are experienced preparing and serving a wide range of menu items that will fit your budget and please your guests.

The Sawmill Catering Company is fully equipped to handle any type of catering mission. With three large kitchens, Hampstead, Monkey Junction and our newest location in Wrightsboro, Sawmill Catering can deliver fresh hot food quickly to just about any area of town. We even offer on-site preparation, including grilling and fresh seafood preparation.

We have several catering trucks that keep food hot and ready to serve.

Sawmill Catering is popular too, because we offer Pick Up Food Service—place your order for a few guests or many, we’ll have it ready for pick up, with all the plates, napkins and utensils you need. All you do is serve and enjoy your guests.

For full service catering, we come to you. Either to drop off food you have pre-ordered, or set up your entire party scene—from tents to music to flowers or whatever you need to make your event a memorable one.

Count on The Sawmill Catering Company to provide you with delicious food, unparalleled service, and a wide range of choices at affordable prices. Whatever size of event you’re planning, invite us first.


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The Sawmill Cafe and Catering
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